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BGM channel Groupの音楽をYouTubeなどのインターネットにおける動画配信サービスで公開する動画(ライブ、 生放送を含む)にご利用いただくことは、個人利用、商用利用ともに著作権の関係上、禁止しております。



​また店舗でのご利用をご検討の方は、Cafe Music BGM Stationをご利用ください。

About using our music

A case for publishing on the Internet

It is forbidden to use the music of BGM channel Group for videos (including LIVE) that are made public on video distribution services on the Internet such as YouTube due to copyright for both personal and commercial use.

A case for not publishing on the Internet

If you wish to use music other than movie distribution on the Internet (background music of teaching materials etc) or mass media, you have to purchase the copyright fee directly.

We will correspond individually, so please contact us from inquiries.

If you consider using the store, please use Cafe Music BGM Station.